My Meal Prep Steps + Budget for Losing Weight

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post is all about how I meal prep if I want to be on my A GAME for the week. Every step, every detail, time, cost, calories. BOOM. I’m the type of girl who gets bored of the same ol food the whole week, so I couldn’t just meal prep a […]

My Fall 2017 Workout Playlist

HEYYYY!! Here are my current favorite songs to workout to! I linked each song out to its YouTube vid so you can listen straight from here. Would love to know what songs are your fav, or if you want to share your playlist with me!! I love new music! MY TOP WORKOUT SONGS: Put Me […]

What Do You Do When You’ve Hit A Wall?

Ok so maybe not a LEGIT wall like this photo hahah….. but when you’ve hit a metaphoric wall in your fitness journey. To be honest, I’ve been there. I was actually there a few weeks ago. The feeling of really not wanting to workout. Getting bored with your workouts. And really just not finding as […]


Hi everyone! Here are some PUMPKIN themed videos! A healthy pumpkin muffin recipe, a pumpkin workout, and then how to make pumpkin seeds! They are all from last year and I just compiled them together! Happy Fall and ENJOY!  

Easy Meal Prep Tips Vlog

Hili Everybody!! Here are some of my favorite tips, tricks and recipes to meal prep!! A lot of us fitness peeps always say meal prepping is the way to go when trying to reach our fitness goals. But sometimessss HOW or WHAT to meal prep isn’t really expanded on. I wanted to show you guys […]

7 Tips to WAKE UP and WORKOUT

HELLOOOO beautiful!! Today’s video is all about advice on how to wake up and get your workout over with! Why? Because most of us struggle SOO much in the morning to get out of bed and get to it. I know I’m right there with ya! But in this video, I give you reasons why […]

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Day

Hellllooo everyone! Last week, I shot with the amazing Riker Brothers, who are famous fitness photographers! It was SO fun, and we shot some new pictures for an upcoming project I am working on. I just wanted to share with you all some of the BTS and thaaaangs from the shoot because hey why not! […]

How to Fight Bad Cravings and Stay Determined

These are tips that I use to fight my bad food cravings. I’m human, too, so I completely understand wanting to eat pizza, fries, and ice cream all the time – TRUST ME. Hahah but try these tips and let me know what you think! Love,

Statement of Truth from me!

Something I just wanted to tell ya: I don’t workout like you probably think. And no, I don’t mean I lie about my workouts or what I show you guys on social media. In fact, I never lie to you guys about the workouts I do or the food I eat… but, here is what […]