Get Ready With Me | Workout Style

  Heyyyy guys!!!! Hope everyone’s having a great week! This week’s video is all about how to look cute (decently) while you workout! And why you may ask? For me, workout videos are part of my job, so I just wanted to show you how I get ready to film my videos. BUT! Maybe you […]


Hiiii everybody !!! I wanted to make this video for anyone struggling from insecurities around their cellulite. As stated in the video, cellulite is NATURAL and almost every female has some! But I will show you some of my favorite ways to reduce it in your thighs. I hope this video helps! ❤ Love, Katie

Travel Blog: South Africa

HIIII everyone! I’m so so excited to start doing travel blogs. I just recently got back from South Africa! While the flights to get there were a total of over 45 hours (INSANE) it was totally worth it. We traveled to 4 different locations, and each one was unique! 2 Safaris, 1 Winelands stop, and […]

New Years Resolutions, 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU. Bullsh*t, or for real? All the goals you hear people setting & maybe even asking you your resolutions… it can be a daunting to think about.  Is it all nonsense?? I can see why you can think this “new year, new you” whole thang is a bit stupid, because you can […]

My Activewear Wishlist for 2018

HEEELLLO! What’s up everyone! This year, I decided to put a little list together of all the leggings, sports bras, shirts, and sneakers I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks or MONTHS. Also I got a lot of requests to make a holiday wishlist, so here it goes!! These are some of my fav workout […]

TIPS to NOT Procrastinate Your Workout

Ever feel like you’ve wasted hours just THINKING about working out? And by the time it’s 8 pm, you know you shoulda just got it done at 5 pm? Welp, we’ve all been there. Here are my tips to avoid that ever happening again, so you can just get off your butt and get to […]

My Meal Prep Steps + Budget for Losing Weight

Hi everyone!! Today’s blog post is all about how I meal prep if I want to be on my A GAME for the week. Every step, every detail, time, cost, calories. BOOM. I’m the type of girl who gets bored of the same ol food the whole week, so I couldn’t just meal prep a […]

My Fall 2017 Workout Playlist

HEYYYY!! Here are my current favorite songs to workout to! I linked each song out to its YouTube vid so you can listen straight from here. Would love to know what songs are your fav, or if you want to share your playlist with me!! I love new music! MY TOP WORKOUT SONGS: Put Me […]

What Do You Do When You’ve Hit A Wall?

Ok so maybe not a LEGIT wall like this photo hahah….. but when you’ve hit a metaphoric wall in your fitness journey. To be honest, I’ve been there. I was actually there a few weeks ago. The feeling of really not wanting to workout. Getting bored with your workouts. And really just not finding as […]